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I am a Danish writer and historian based in Copenhagen, born 1956. I did my ph.d. at European University Institute and University of Copenhagen on shipping under the Danish flag in the Mediterranean 1747-1807. I have been a freelance writer since 2006. I have written biographies, history books, novels, plays and a great number of articles. You can see my CV and list of publications  here. My research interests are the Mediterranean, the Ottoman Empire, 18th century Scandinavia, The Great Northern War 1700-1721.

For publishers and literary agents: I advise on and evaluate manuscripts in Danish, both fiction and fact.
For foreign historians and writers: I do bibliographical and archival research, read and transcribe documents in old German (Gothic) hand writing.

Fee: 100 euros pr. hour.      

My ph.d. The Danish flag in the Mediterranean. Shipping and Trade, 1747-1807. Download Vol 1 and Vol 2